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16 October 2014
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Patrick McKiernan
Patrick McKiernan

Hello there. You look nice today. New haircut? anyway my name is Patrick McKiernan and I am a 26yr old Northern Irish fella that loves writing and the BBC of course. I write freelance for a music magazne also which is a great gig but my main passion is creative writing. In my spare time I enjoy watching films both for fun and, thanks to a Film Studies degree, to take the fun out of watching films thanks to picking out technical faults. Thanks education! I also like watching tennis, reading tennis commentary on the BBC website (Piers Newbury is a God) as well as going to gigs and hanging with my good lady and good family. Anything else? Oh yes; I can cook pasta just by staring at it and hold a world record in something or other. Enjoy your day.

Lovers Truths by Patrick McKiernan

Smoke screens in the morning,
to cover up the lies.
I was never wanting
to sever all my ties.
but since you tore the scab the love was not the same
you were bored, i was foolish
but neither of us were to blame
So i am running far from you,
like the coward that i am
And you can cover up the truth,
get all the sympathy like you planned.

Theres something i cant get over,
it seems to me you tried
to bleed me dry of all my friends just to get a rise.
And the more i feel ashamed, the more i realise
that i fell blindly for your trap, i lashed out
and you just smiled.

If true love is this mind game
i think i'd rather run and hide
cos i broke my heart to make it right
but you never even tried

So i am lost and far from you
and it feels no better than before.
And i know if you snapped your fingers for me
i'd come running back for more

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