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16 October 2014
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Paul Butterfield

Paul Butterfield is from Limavady and is 19 years old. He enjoys writing stories, poetry and short film scripts. He is a member of the Jane Ross writing group in Limavady. He is also a keen film maker and has worked with the playhouse, were he wrote and acted in a short film project.

Moving On by Paul Butterfield

Rodge awakes from his deep sleep, poisoned with anxiety, sleeping and anti-depressant pills, after going through a nervous breakdown. He gets up and puts on his training gear and makes his way out for a 3 miler, to bring balance to his day. After a shower he gets a balanced breakfast of muesli filled with the fruitful products of apricots, sultanas, nuts and oats. As he looks through his to do list for the day in his mind (go to doel office and sign on AGAIN, send script off to more interested people of the film industry, meet mum at 5.30 for chat and tea, then the evening is free for whatever). On rodges travels to doel office he sparks a fag to pass time on the journey. When at doel office, he sees a past bully “Rick” with one of his buddy's coming out, “hello” he says with a confidence of training in self-defence behind him and an armour of marathons of running, and a small army tank of a body. They grunt and groan at him, known of his no more porcelain self like when he was 15, and yet still a bud on a tree growing. Rodge gets his friend mags to serve him at the doel office, instead of the usual statue liberties that hate working there. They talk of their lives and its nice too see you're on your feet again, she responds. Rodge makes his way to the library across the street, to send off his work, with the local Internet for free usage. He meets the beautiful, sweet and innocent violet, who works there, before he leaves. He asks how she is and apologises for not taking her out the month before, because he's been through hell and back, but he asks her out for that night, she reply's “yes”. Rodge goes into the house he's just moved into and gets a phone call from Damien at featherlite productions. He says he's interested in taking his piece on from the script he just sent, they set up a meeting for next Thursday at 10, rodges place. Rodge being over the moon, excited, sparks up a cigarette to calm down and nods off to sleep. Rodge falls into a deep sleep and dreams about taking revenge on Rick. Rodge wakes up in a panic and knows this is isn't right. After all he has been through with his life and training he knows the power of forgiveness. Rodges mum knocks the door, rodge answers, “son you look shoken up, what's the matter?” they talk about his dream and their day together over tea. She tells him in mother like convo, you're better than that, after all you know and have experienced, you know that what you reap you shall sow! Rodge is grinning again, known his mother, the encyclopaedia of life experience is right. As always. He wishes he could show his forgiveness physically other than mentally and spiritually, as he has done many moons ago. Rodge meets violet for their date and gives her a rose with a poem to her beauty of the night. As they make their way to the restaurant, rodge sees rick an alcoholic, drug addict, with a fucked up life, lying on the ground. Rodge knows he could demolish this man, but instead of adding to ricks worries of life, he rehumanizes him and helps him up to the taxi office across the street. Were Rick is well known for his disturbances, rodge pays for the taxi as he is a good man and knows he's got his chance of physical forgiveness. Now enlightened with his efforts, he takes violet out for a bite and walks her home. He asks her if its o.k. To do this again, she responds, absolutely yes! Rodge walks home, happy as the early bird catching its worm in the morning. Now he knows his life is in full swing again and moving on!


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