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16 October 2014
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Melanie Bradley
Melanie Bradley

My name is Mel Bradley, I am 27 years old and mother to two children aged 4 and 10. I have been writing now for a short number of years and its the first thing that I've ever enjoyed doing. My short story is actually taken from my first novel that I finished last year. My dream is to have my work published. I was born and raised in Derry and will probably die here too. My writing is very dark, mainly gothic/horror.

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty by Melanie Bradley


Isaac walked through the city, thinking back on all the good times they’d had before. Remembering all their victims as he passed familiar places. He walked by a park and remembered watching Sophia on the hunt. He loved to watch her at her art. He liked the way she prolonged the kill and made it more agonising. He remembered the young couple walking home, the girl going into the park and sitting on the swing. He remembered watching Sophia as she walked up to the girl.

The girl had been sitting on the swing, she had been thinking about the proposal of marriage her boyfriend had made that evening. She liked him a lot but she wasn’t sure if she really loved him. He was very possessive and this was a new era for women. She wanted to go to college and have a career not settle down and have children. Deep in contemplation she didn’t notice Sophia approach from behind.
“Penny for them?” Sophia whispered behind her ear. The girl jumped with surprise that she didn’t hear anyone behind her. She held her hand to her chest feeling her heart beating with the fright. Sophia could hear it too pounding in her chest.
“You frightened me half to death!” The girl exclaimed, she got up from the swing. Sophia sat down on it.
“Yeah, I have that effect on people.” Sophia said rolling her eyes as if it wasn’t really her fault people were always misinterpreting her. The young girl began to walk away.
“Aw don’t go, I really could do with a friendly person to talk to…I just….” Sophia began to cry. Feeling very guilty the young girl walks over to Sophia and puts her arm around her shoulders rubbing them, trying to comfort the sobbing Sophia sitting on the swing.
“Whatever it is I’m sure it can’t be all that bad. Maybe you need to just get it off your chest.” She really was trying to say all the sincere things that you’re supposed to say when someone is crying uncontrollably. She really just wanted to get home. She had enough things of her own to deal with. Sophia sniffed and dried the non-existent tears. She looked up and flashed her fangs at the young girl.
“I just have this nasty habit of wanting to kill people.” She smiled and her tiny white fangs peeped out from under her top lip. The young girl screamed and began to run in the direction of the gate to the park. There was only one exit and she knew she had to get to it. As she ran she looked back to see where Sophia was, but she was no longer on the swing. As she turned her head towards the exit she ran clean into Sophia. She backed off and ran in the opposite direction. She ran behind a wall to where the slides were. The slides had little huts built in underneath them. Frantic the young girl hid inside one of the huts. Sophia stood beside the swings, she wanted to give her a sporting chance, make the game interesting. There was no way out of the park and Sophia fancied a little game of hide and seek. She walked over to the wall and peeked over looking for any sign of the young girl.
“Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty…aw, where did you go?” She ran her hand along the wall as she walked towards the end of it. “Poor kitty not want to come out and play.” She spoke in a mock childlike voice. “I’d say I promise not to bite but that would be a lie.”

The young girl kept looking out from the hut trying to get a glimpse of how close Sophia was to her but she couldn’t see her. All she could hear was her voice. The young girl was terrified. She tried so hard not to cry, she didn’t want to be heard.
“I can smell you, your petrified aren’t you. I can hear your little heart pounding.” Her voice echoed across the playground, the young girl couldn’t determine which direction it was coming from. It seemed to be all around her. She huddled as tight into the corner of the hut as she could, trying to get as far out of reach as possible. She could hear her own heart beat and it was pounding. The tiny beads of sweat trickled down the side of her face. It was so hard to keep quiet when all she wanted to do was cry.

“We can do this the easy way… or we can do it the hard way. The choice is yours.” Sophia sat on the wall her legs swinging as she spoke. She resembled something of a thirteen-year-old girl sitting waiting for her parents to pick her up from school. She looked down at the nail on her index finger. Some moss from the wall had got inside it. She picked the moss out and continued her torture. “If you come out, I promise to let you enjoy it.”

The young girl put her hand over her mouth to muffle the cry. She peeked her head out from the corner but still there was no sign of Sophia.
“Of course if you don’t come out, I’ll find you anyway.” She jumped quietly off the wall. The young girl still had her hand firmly clamped over her mouth to stop herself from crying out.
“I’ll tear your limbs apart.” Sophia began to walk softly, silently listening for any tell tale sounds of fear. “And suck the blood from your bones.” She knew where the girl was.
“Oh God, help me.” The young girl whispered. Sophia’s head peered in the hut. She grabbed the girl and yanked her out of the hut with a great strength.
“Too late, gotcha!” She said as she sank her teeth into the young girls neck. The young girl made an attempt to fight back. She struggled as much as she could against Sophia. But she was held tight. There was no getting out of Sophia’s grip. As the young girls blood drained into Sophia her struggling became less and less until her body went limp. She pulls back off the girl’s neck and the body drops to the ground. Some blood trickled down from the corner of Sophia’s mouth. She mopped the blood up and licked her finger. “Mmm, yummy.”

Isaac smiled at the sweet memory. It had been a pleasure for him to watch the first time and now these memories. It was good to be back in the city.                       


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