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Love and Loss Again

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After the Chronicles of Narnia came out, Lewis was a household name in Europe and America. Through answering fan mail, Lewis met and married Joy Gresham - a loud, American, communist, Jewish divorcee who liked to shock.

During their honeymoon, Lewis and Joy toured Northern Ireland. They visited the Crawfordsburn Inn, to see the green hills and misty mountains of Ireland and to meet his friend Arthur Greeves. However, Joy was already suffering from the bone cancer that would eventually kill her.

For years Lewis had believed emotion to be something uncomfortable and embarrassing. In the sixty years following his mother's death, he had avoided it believing it would bring him pain. Joy had changed all this, so her death in 1960 brought him extreme pain and suffering.

Resources Small Joy had now found her way to the land where she belonged, but Lewis was still in the shadowlands. 'No one every told me that grief felt so like fear... the same fluttering in the stomach, the same restlessness.'

To cope with his grief, he wrote a moving argument with God about death in his book 'A Grief Observed.' And he eventually made his peace with God.

Lewis died on November the 22nd 1963, on the day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.

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