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CS Lewis

Nuala McKeever's favourite Northern Irish author has sold over 100 million books and inspired the Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings novels. He's written sci-fi novels, Christian books, children's sagas, academic criticism and created the most famous lion and wardrobe in literature.

This author is - CS Lewis .


"I remember climbing into the big dark wardrobe in my parents' bedroom, parting the heavy coats and hoping against hope that my fingers wouldn't touch the back of the wardrobe, but that I would keep walking until I felt snow underfoot and found myself in the magical kingdom of Narnia."

As an adult I was shocked to learn that CS Lewis actually came from Belfast! Although he is one of Ulster's most widely read and acclaimed authors, he is not as well known by his fellow country people as he should be. I read his partial autobiography "Surprised by Joy" to explore the details of his birth and childhood and his relationship with the Ulster of his youth - a land that fed his very active imagination.

Find out more about CS Lewis the man , the storyteller and the Christian .

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