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The Storm

The sea around us rumbles with pain
It tosses us about and it begins to rain
We batten down the hatches
We take down the sails
We hold our breath to the approaching gales.

It heeds us not
Indeed it begins to laugh
It's chosen its way
We are to follow its path
There's nothing left that mere men can do
So, we look to the stars
And, we pray to you
"Please keep us safe on these waters tonight
Please keep us safe so we can learn how to fight
The feeling of anger, loss and despair
The feeling that everyone on this ship has to bear.

But, it has no emotion as we hold in our heart
it cares little whether it tears us apart
I chose to journey on this ship out to sea
I was the orchestrator of my own destiny
I never expected to be lost on a night such as this
I never expected to be swallowed by the Great Abyss.

For my lover is waiting for me safely on the shore
Please take me to her so I can see her face once more
Little does she know what guides me this night
Little does she know the fear and the fright
I came for the excitement, the monetary gain
Little did I know it goes hand in glove with the pain.


By Emma Jones

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