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16 October 2014
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Protestant schoolgirls and boys from north Belfast Image of Protestant schoolchildren, backdrop British flag

And what about the notion that Catholics get more than Protestants do? Do you feel that Catholics do better?

Well Catholics get more money from the bru, so they do, for doing nothing - they just sit there and don't even work. We have to go out to work to earn our money. Them ones earn the same money, like, sitting in the house as what we do working.

Do you see yourself as being different from Catholics?

I don't see myself as being different, but the way we're treated we're different because, like, them ones are getting new houses - we aren't. If we want a good house we've to buy our house, but, whereas them ones are getting that house for nothing.

Aye, 'cos they breed like rats, that's why.

Aye, they do. That's why they get better housing.

Do you feel that Catholic families have more children than Protestant families?

Yes, because the Catholic Church doesn't allow you to use contraceptions and the Protestant church does, so obviously they're going to have more children than Protestants.

And do you feel threatened by that?

Yes, because in, say 15 or 20 years, there's going to be, say, under 6000 Catholics and, there's only going to be, maybe 5000 Protestants.

And why should that affect you?

Because sooner or later the Catholic race is just going to outbreed the Protestant race, and then we'll all be forced to live the Catholic way.

And if there are more Catholics, do you feel that will affect your identity as a Protestant?

Yes, I do, because then the Twelfth of July marches, the Garvaghy Road and all the Orange Order marches aren't going to be allowed to happen 'cos they're just going to take over Northern Ireland and going to be outnumbered.

Yes, Catholics do outbreed Protestants for the simple fact being that they're getting more money because they're having more kids and better houses and all.

The fact that the Catholic population is growing, how does that affect you as a Protestant?

Well, they're going to wipe us out - it's plain and simple.

Is it as simple as that? Are they actually going to wipe you out?

Yes, because they're having more kids and more kids and, like, we're being sensible - we're using protection, we're not running about with kids at like fifteen and all, so we're not. And they're going to end up just moving in til everywhere so they are.

How would that affect you as a Protestant girl?

Well, I wouldn't be able to believe in what I wanted til believe in anymore. I'd be made to believe what them ones wanted me to believe.

So, as a Protestant, for example, how do you feel that your Protestant faith would be threatened by an increase in the Catholic population?

Because you wouldn't be able to go til your marches or nothing anymore, because they'd stop all the marches and all so they would, and they'd knock down all the Protestant churches as well.

Seriously? You don't think they're going to knock down all the Protestant churches?

Yeah, because they only believe in one church, and there's like Presbyterian, Free Presbyterian and Baptist and all, and them ones don't believe in that.

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