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16 October 2014
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The Wedding PlayOur wedding video with a difference has highlights from the Wedding Play image of guests at the wedding


Ailish, I was wondering, would you do me a wee favour?

What’s that, Sammy?

Well, you know the way all of Nicola’s ones are Protestants, you wouldn’t go round and make them welcome at the reception, you know, talk to them and that?

Oh here, I’ve all that in hand. Now, I was lying in bed thinking last night. ‘What’s the exact opposite of Catholics and Protestants shooting each other? Catholics and Protestants getting married!’


Jesus, Trevor, there must be a hundred quid here.

Jean, I have to do something. Sure, you know I dote on our wee Nicola.

Aye, I know. And she’s right cut up about you not coming.

I can’t, Jean. I can’t bring myself to. You know I have enemies.

I don’t get it. I mean there’d be no peace in this country if your prisoners and the IRA ones hadn’t agreed it. Yet you can’t accept a Catholic and a Protestant getting married?

Do you?

Well, I’m not finding it easy but what choice have I got?


For what?

I don’t care everything’s bought and paid for - that makes no odds.

Do you think I’m doing this to spite youse or something? I love Damian, and how dare you say that on my wedding day! Why would I change my mind?

Oh, I know, no, I’m just saying to you what a father would say, you know, like a formality.

Och no it isn’t. Deep down inside you hope I will change my mind and not marry a Catholic.

Oh Jesus, there’s the cars. Go and get my Ma and the bridesmaids - hurry up, hurry up.


For as much as Damian and Nicola have consented together in holy wedlock...

...and have declared the same by the giving and receiving of a ring...

...and by joining of hands...

...I pronounce that they be man and wife together.

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