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16 October 2014
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This is my Journey - Find out what women from across the divide learned from the Celtic and Rangers football supporters Image of women on ferry

Voice 1

This journey, for me, has been really important as I’ve lived within both sides of the community in Northern Ireland. And the situation that I’m in (I’m in a cross-community relationship) and I always felt that I didn’t really fit in when I seen the flags hanging up.

Em, but basically, from doing this Rangers and Celtic - because I went on the two trips - to see the parallels and to see they’re not as scary as I perceived them to be, helps me to fit into the community that I’m living in now.

Voice 2

If anybody asked me what my experience was like, I would say it wasn’t one that I would have seen off the media before. They couldn’t, the supporters couldn’t have been more friendly towards us. They were, looked after us very, very well - and I don’t think it was a show because they were themselves, it wasn’t an act. And they were there simply just to support their team. And when we came back and looked at the video of the Celtic supporters, they were saying exactly the same thing.

Voice 3

My journey has been again learning about, a bit about mixing in with the other communities, how we all think that we’re so different and we’re…as a matter of fact, we’re all very like each other. And I think it really came across in the Celtic and the Rangers video that we done - it was a really good idea and I think it really brought home how much alike that we all are with each other.

And again, it was lovely like to meet the girls from the other side, and I sort of think it opens up your mind a wee bit to things that maybe you weren’t open to before.

Voice 4

And it has been very exciting and very rough throughout some of the times - I suppose it’s just like the sea, sometimes it’s calm and sometimes it’s rough. But we’ve all remained friends and debated our different … our differences, ah, through the project. And I think it’s been a learning experience for myself, personally, that our perceptions are not always true. And even within the group, there was a lot of perceptions which we think that we have dealt with in a very grown-up and realistic manner.

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