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16 October 2014
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I’m Marty Edwards and I work for Attitude Mural Artists. We’re based in the Waterside, Londonderry and we paint predominantly Protestant paintings. We would usually paint paramilitary paintings for UDA people, UVF people in their own estates. You know, sort of to mark their territory bounds like, you know, stuff like that. Usually we’re left to our own devices, to come up with something that’s really intimidating, will antagonise Catholics. But this project I’ve been involved with two groups from both sides of the community, four schools. What’s been positive about this project is me and Tom Kelly from the Bogside Artists actually working together and the young people seeing us, being from two totally different backgrounds, bringing sort of a project like this together. Maybe in years to come they’ll have no inhibitions of working alongside each other, Catholic and Protestant. Tom has a lot of the Protestants working with him, and I have a lot of Catholics working with me which is good. There’s a young boy working in my group, he actually lives across the street from me, he can’t walk the Derry side at all. Being from the Waterside he’s very apprehensive, very scared. It’s just a stigma comes with being a Protestant going over the Derry side, you know when you’re that age, 16/17 year old. But the last four days he’s been walking around the town with me, as free as he wanted, you know, and nobody said ‘boo’ to him, so he sort of knows now, so that’s sort of the advantage of it. It’s the same, I took one of the girls over yesterday in the van, we were collecting some timber to put the boards together, and I showed her round my own murals. It’s an estate she would never have thought of going into, but now that she knows, she’s seen the place, she knows the people, we met some of the people, she wouldn’t feel that alienated going into it.

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