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16 October 2014

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Key Points

In urban areas like this the predominant impression is of buildings. This is an area of South Belfast. Like all settlements, large areas of land are residential and used for housing.

There are some green areas like Balmoral Golf Course, where the land use is recreational. You can see other areas of recreational land that are being used for playing fields and a park.

Other land uses in urban areas include, educational - for schools and colleges, government offices, and community use such as hospitals, libraries and places of worship. This mixture of land use is typical of urban areas in Northern Ireland.

In the mid-ground is the Boucher Road Industrial Estate where the land use is a mixture of industrial and retail. In between the residential, industrial and recreational areas, land is used for rail and road transport routes.

Land in the Greater Belfast area is in short supply and very expensive. In the dock area of Belfast, land is being reclaimed from the sea to build industrial areas.

The land is created by filling in a shallow area of Belfast Lough with rubbish. Much of the household waste from the bins of Greater Belfast ends up here and provides new land for industry. Within the next ten years dumping will stop, as deeper water is reached. Dumping is not environmentally friendly, and as land is expensive households and industries are being encouraged to reduce, re-use and recycle their waste.

The strip of land in the mid-ground was reclaimed from the sea about 15 years ago and has now been built over and become part of the Belfast docks - a large area of land used for industry and transport.

In urban areas there is a mixture of residential, industrial, retail and recreational land use.

Land in the Greater Belfast area is in short supply. In the dock area of Belfast, land is being reclaimed from the sea to use for industrial sites.

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