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Gareth Dunlop


19 year old Gareth is the frontman, singer and songwriter , he will be in studio with his band of seasoned session musicians. Gareth has a husky voice reminiscent of Joe Cocker and writes R&B/ soul based songs of great passion and integrity that belies his years.





Liam ó Maonlaí

"Traditional music does not belong to me. I belong to it. The same as the land.' Hothouse Flowers frontman Liam's solo performances encapsulate this sense of passion for music.




Guest - Liam ó Maonlaí

As well as performing in studio Liam ó Maonlaí will take the hot seat this week . Your chance to ask anything you were ever itching to ask him.




The Language of love
Our self-sacrificing presenters, prepared to do anything in the name of Imeall Geal, have been set a challenging task. Who can get the most phone numbers from girls on a night out in Newry? Straight forward enough, however, the twist is that English is banned, as is pen and paper. While Tomai charms the women with sultry Spanish, Eoghain ‘brings sexy back as Ghaelige’. Who will be the victor? In our highly scientific, controlled experiment, which language is the real language of love -Spanish or Irish?