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16 October 2014
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Sa chistin

In the kitchen

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Tá an dinnéar réidh

The dinner is ready



A phaistí, tá an tae réidh

Children, the tea is ready

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An bhfuil an lón réidh?

Is the lunch ready?



Tá sé beagnach réidh

It’s nearly ready



Suigh síos ag an tábla anois

Sit down at the table now



Cuir chugam scian agus forc le do thoil

Pass me a knife and a fork please



Cuir chugam pláta le do thoil

Pass me a plate please



Cuir chugam gloine le do thoil

Pass me a glass please


Seo duit

Here you are







Salann agus Piobar

Salt and Pepper



An t-anlann donn

The brown sauce



An t-anlann dearg

The red sauce



Ar mhaith leat prátaí?

Would you like some potatoes?



Ar mhaith leat tuilleadh pasta?

Would you like some more pasta?



Níor mhaith, níl ocras orm

No, I wouldn’t like any, I’m not hungry



Ba mhaith, cuid mhór le do thoil

Yes, I’d like a lot please







Dhá phunt

Two pounds



Trí phunt

Three pounds



Ceithre phunt

Four pounds



Cúig phunt

Five pounds



Sé phunt

Six pounds



Seacht bpunt

Seven pounds



Ocht bpunt

Eight pounds



Naoi bpunt

Nine pounds



Deich bpunt

Ten pounds



Tá mé lán go béal

I’m full up



Bhí sin iontach deas

That was very nice



Bhí sé sin iontach blasta

That was very tasty



Bhí sé sin galánta

That was lovely





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