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16 October 2014
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Pionta bainne

a pint of milk


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Builín aráin

a loaf of bread




a stamp


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a pound


Fiche pingin

twenty pence


Caoga pingin

fifty pence


Seo duit

here you are



Cad é a ba mhaith leat?

what would you like?



Cé mhéid atá ar sin?

How much is that?



Ní thuigim

I don't understand



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New Vocabulary


Cá bhfuil tú ag dul?
Where are you going?


Tá mé ag dul go dtí …
I'm going to …


an siopa
the shop


an banc
the bank


Tá mé ag dul go dtí an siopa/an banc
I'm going to the shop/ the bank


an cluiche peile
the football match

an leabharlann
the library


an linn snámha
the swimming pool


I do understand


An dtuigeann tú?
Do you understand?


Le Bríd
with Bríd


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