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16 October 2014
Gardener's Corner

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Visit 4: Below are the plants that Lee and Noel bought just a few weeks ago. The photographs were taken before they were planted. We'll be going back to the garden to see the plants and trees in their full glory in a couple of months time.


A great little shrub which prefers moist, humus rich soil and partial shade. This plant will not need pruning and weed growth will be suppressed under the bush. The 'red lips' are young scarlet leaves which will turn green and shade to red for the winter.

Skimmias are ideal for a seaside garden and will prosper well. Again, they require moist soil and shade. The plant displays long sprays of pink buds all winter and when they open in the spring the yellow flowers will be extremely fragrant.
Yucca Gloriosa

Be careful of this plant! It is also known as Adam's needle or the Spanish dagger. The green leaves, which can grow up to two feet long, are straight and tipped with an extremely sharp point.

These hardy, many stemmed, small shrubs are also known as Christmas box or Sweet box. Although the flowerss are tiny they are gloriously fragrant and will last all winter long. A valuable addition to any garden.

Hamamelis (or Witch Hazel)

This deciduous, slow growing, hardy shrub is a must for any garden. The foilage provides stunning autumn colour and the spidery flowers, which appear in winter and are scented, will survive the harshest frost.


Choisya is more commonly known as Mexican orange blossom because of it's wonderfully scented flowers. This evergreen shrub will bear flowers from mid-spring onwards and is usually trouble free.

This evergreen shrub has year long appeal due to it's glossy leaves, pinkish or white flowers and showey red berries. The plant flowers in mid to late summer and the berries will last the winter.
Potentilla - red ace

Potentillas are a firm favourite in gardens. They have pretty flowers, which resemble wild roses, and come in a huge variety of colours. Red ace has bright vermilion flowers and forms a low spreading bush.

These evergreen plants, with daisy like flowers, can create a striking display in summer. The flowers, which are about 2 inches across and come in many colours, will close when there is no sunshine. They prefer a sunny, well drained site, and have a vigorous spreading habit.
Acer palmatum ‘Garnet’

An acer can create a real highlight to any garden.They do need shelter from high winds and can be expensive but their brilliant autumn colour make them very worthwhile.

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