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16 October 2014
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Autumn 2001

Gardening Gifts Online

By Kim Lenaghan
7 Dec '01

This may not be the best season for the garden, but it is the season of giving, so what do you give a gardener?

Well for one thing, if you don't fancy braving the elements with a visit to your local garden centre you could always try shopping online.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, there are gadgets and gifts galore for every kind of gardening interest and at every end of the price range. Here are just a few ideas.

For the gardener who isn't afraid of a bit of hard graft what about some big, heavy duty equipment - sort of boys and toys stuff?

It may not be sexy, but there's many a lad would be delighted to get a garden multi-vac, a high-power shredder or a state of the art Fort Cosmo wheelbarrow.

For some of the ladies, fantasy gardening might be more the ticket. Floating through a cottage garden with a new set of secateurs in your hand and a willow carrier basket, or a French trug, draped casually over your arm.

In reality, digging in the good earth takes its toll on your hands and knees so what about a pair of gardening gloves or some kneelers?

These range greatly in price and quality, so remember a super deluxe pair means you really care whilst an economy rubber set proves it's the thought that counts.

For those who prefer to work bare-handed, what about a gardener's handcare set - a trio of eucalyptus barrier cream, tea tree cleanser and lavender moisturiser or, after a long day handling thorny situations, what about some soothing hand therapy cream made from shea butter and extracts of yarrow, clover and calendula?

If you want to cut a dash while you're cutting the lawn you can do it in everything from baseball caps that acknowledge your status as 'Head Gardener' to silk ties printed with gardening motifs, watering can cuff-links and 'I Dig It' t-shirts.

Gardeners are not, in general, afraid of things that creep, crawl or slither, so what about opening a Can O' Worms - literally. Environmentally-friendly, a wormery provides first class compost and whilst worms are not supplied if you thoughtfully want to add some don't forget to also add a few air holes.

If you're buying for more the 'Gnomes and Gardens' type what about a paint-your-own-gnome kit, or if you really believe that from small seeds great trees do grow, order a Giant Sequoia can and grow your own 200 ft tree from a container the size of a baked beans tin.

Then there are gifts for the reluctant gardener like A Natural Herbal Cure For The Fear of Gardening. This sachet of herbs promises to rectify any unwillingness to dig, mow, weed and water and to encourage the removal of clutter and debris from the garden. This could be the best £2.99 you'll ever spend!

Finally, if all else fails just present them with a gift of flowers, plants, seeds or shrubs. After all, where would we gardeners be without them?

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