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16 October 2014
Gardener's Corner

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Autumn 2007
John Cushnie On...

Transplanting Trees
1st January 2005

Weather- wise January can be a funny peculiar month. There is no telling what will be thrown at us but it is frequently a period of calm before the storm. February is often the time to batten down the hatches with lashing rain and beating snow is commonplace in N.Ireland.

If this month settles down it will be a great opportunity to plant and transplant trees.

shovelThere are a dozen golden rules to follow for successful planting:

1. When digging up a tree avoid damaging the roots especially the fine, fibrous roots.
2. Keep as much soil on the roots as possible.
3. Remove broken roots using sharp secateurs.
4. secateursDon’t allow the roots to dry out. If necessary heel the tree roots into wet sand or peat until you are ready to plant.
5. Plant at the same depth as previously grown. There will be a mark on the plant stem.
6. The planting hole should be larger than the root spread.
7. forkFork up the base of the planting hole to allow water to drain away.
8. Dispose of the subsoil replacing the topsoil around the roots.
9. If a tree stake is necessary for support drive it into the planting pit before placing the plant.
10. Incorporate bone meal and well rotted, farmyard manure with the planting soil.
11. Firm the soil around the roots to eliminate air pockets.
12. hoseWater well after planting to settle the soil. Continue watering as necessary throughout the first growing season.

A well planted tree will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

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