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16 October 2014
Gardener's Corner

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Winter 2004
John Cushnie On...

Gardening Jobs For March
15th March 2005

This is a busy month in the garden. Irrespective of the weather conditions there is lots of work that needs to be completed.

The secret of good mulching is applying the compost or bark before the soil dries out. The mulch will help to prevent moisture evaporating but on dry ground it will inhibit water getting through.

Grass will be growing more quickly and regular cutting will be necessary. A feed of a high nitrogen lawn fertilizer will help to green up the lawn. Where necessary scarifying to remove moss should be undertaken soon. Edging the grass will help tidy the area.

WeedsWeeds are appearing all over the garden. Hand weeding is essential where they are invading rows of seedlings. Larger perennial weeds may be tackled with glyphosate weedkiller. Choose a calm, dry day for applying the spray.

When the soil conditions are right sow vegetables such as peas, beans, spring onions and lettuce. With lettuce don’t sow too many seeds or you will have a glut of plants all ready for harvesting at the same time.

Potatoes may be planted in drills with the shoots upwards. As soon as the sprouts appear above ground earth them up to protect them from late frosts.

Mulch and prune clematis and sprinkle a few handfuls of general purpose fertilizer in the area of the roots.

Rosa RugosaThis is traditionally the month for pruning bush roses. St. Patrick’s day is as good a day as any other. Prune to remove most of last year’s growth making a sloping cut above an outward pointing bud. Mulch the bed and apply a special rose fertilizer containing the necessary trace elements such as iron and magnesium.

As seedlings germinate and are pricked out in the greenhouse apply a watering of Cheshunt Compound to prevent sudden death due to damping of. Once dry, compost in pots and seed trays is difficult to re-wet so make sure that the compost doesn’t dry out.

On warm, sunny days open the greenhouse ventilators, closing them before dark.

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