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16 October 2014
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Autumn 2001
  Kitchen Garden - Herbs

Herbs For Winter Use
By Barbara Pilcher, Winter 2001

Ideally, most herbs for drying or freezing are harvested during or just before peak flowering time.

However, if this has not been possible, vigorously growing herbs are still worth gathering into the autumn.

For instance if you have cut back your tarragon, new fresh shoots will be appearing and these are ideal for freezing or for making tarragon vinegar.

Late flowering marjorams are often at their best in September/October and may still be picked, purple heads and all for ornamental or culinary use.

On the medicinal side, St John's wort is often required at the stage of early seed setting, so October can be the month for picking that, and where roots are required, e.g. Angelica or Echinacea, autumn is the best time to dig them.

Many seeds can be collected. Rocket, coriander, dill, fennel and fenugreek for culinary or medicinal use. It is a good idea also to put away some of these for sowing next season.

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