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16 October 2014
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Autumn 2001
  Kitchen Garden - Herbs

Harvesting, Drying and Storage
by Barbara Pilcher

Choose a dry morning, after the dew has dried off. Pick individual large flowers or leaves, or whole stems or bunches of seed as required. Label all at time of cutting; once they begin to dry, you will not recognise them!

Hang stems and leaves, flowering tops and seeding tops in bunches (the latter enclosed in a paper bag or over a paper-lined tray) or dry individual flowers, petals or seeds in baskets. For best results hang out of strong sunlight and dry at airing cupboard temperatures (15-20°C, 59-77°F), not in a hot oven!

Store dry herbs in air-tight containers, away from strong light. Glass (preferably dark) makes the best container for culinary or medicinal herbs. Label jars clearly. Seeds for growing may be stored in paper packets, then placed in a sealed plastic box in the fridge. Or try used plastic film canisters, airtight and compact.

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