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16 October 2014
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Autumn 2007
  Flower Arranging

Follow the steps below or watch Anne prepare a continental arrangement by clicking on the image below
Watch Video

In a rectangular container place oasis (you will probably need two pieces) and secure with oasis tape.

Container with flowers
Insert 3 Lecadendrons on one side of the oasis at three different heights. On the other side, insert 3 Iris at three different heights and in the middle insert 3 roses at three different heights.

Container with flowers
On each side of the oasis place foliage like Lenten Rose Leaves along each side. This display will have a patchwork effect so it's best to work from the outside in, in layers. For the next layer insert conifer cuttings on each side and then insert very short carnations on the next layer.

Container with flowers
For the fourth layer insert Arum leaves along each side. Either fruit or vegetables can be used for the next layer. Anne has chosen to use small button mushrooms. Insert a cocktail stick in to the stem of the mushroom and then place in a row into each side of the oasis. Insert another layer of foliage but make sure not to cover the mushrooms!
Container with flowers

Next you can use fruit, more vegetables or for Easter insert chocolate eggs or little artificial chicks. For this display, Anne used 2 limes on one side and 3 different coloured chilies or small peppers on the other side. To make sure the limes are secure in the oasis, insert a cocktail stick in to the lime then place into the oasis.

Moss can be used for the next layer or any other kind of greenery. To fill in the middle of display white spider chrysanthemums are ideal. Cut them really short and then fill in the remainder of the oasis so that they chrysanthemums meet in the middle.




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