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16 October 2014
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Autumn 2007
  Flower Arranging

Follow the steps below or watch Anne prepare a circular arrangement by clicking on the image below
Watch Video

Circular display holder
In your circular arrangement holder place one oasis on the top tray and another on the bottom tray. Secure the oasis with oasis tape to the trays.

insert ivy on each side
Insert two long pieces of ivy from each side of the top oasis. If it is long enough, insert the end of the ivy into the bottom oasis.

Insert tulips
Place one tulip, to face downwards on one side of the top oasis and do the same for the other side as above.

place tulips on the top to face downwards
Place another tulip on the top on the top oasis, to face upwards and outwards.

place tulips on the bottom oasis too
Place one tulip into one side of the bottom oasis to follow the shape of the circle and do the same for the other side.

Insert arum leaves and carnations
On the top insert carnations and arum leaves to fill up the oasis

on the same for the bottom tray
Do the same in the bottom oasis

insert spray carnations
Fill any remaining oasis with white spray carnations

Finsished Display
The finished display is ideal for any reception room or hall in your home.




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