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16 October 2014
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Autumn 2007
  Flower Arranging

Follow the steps below or watch Anne prepare a basket arrangement by clicking on the image below
Watch Video

Basket with oasis and 'spade' holder
You will need a flat basket and a 'spade' oasis holder with oasis cut to fit. Tape the oasis to the spade before beginning.

insert leather leaf
Place the stem of a large leather leaf into the top of the oasis so it lies flat to one side of the basket.

Insert Iris
Then insert Iris. Cut the Iris so they are 3 different lengths and insert in a line in the middle of the oasis.

insert carnations
Place 2 carnations on each side of the Iris.

insert daffodils
Insert daffodils into each side of the oasis so that all the flowers flow in one direction. Don't forget if your daffodil stems need reinforced, just insert a little twig into the stem.

insert Arum leaves
Insert Arum leaves into the sides of the oasis and make sure no oasis is showing.

Place Bergenia leaves at the other end of oasis
Place three Bergenia leaves at the bottom of the oasis but have is facing the opposite direction of the flowers.

insert stems
Insert stems into the oasis and behind the Bergenia leaves so they stick up as above.
insert bow
Insert a bow just infront of the Bergenia leaves and your Easter basket is complete. It's now ready and easy to carry to give to a friend or relative that you visit over the holiday season.




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