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KS3 You are what you eat

Home Economics Unit: Lets get Cooking

How Does Food Relate to my Culture?

What we eat is heavily influenced by our family and culture. Different cuisines are connected to different cultures.  Explore how a diverse community is reflected in the food available.  Watch  the following clip and ask the pupils some questions (It may be necessary to go replay video and pause at appropriate piece). What foods did they recognise? Which had they not seen before? What countries/cultures are represented in the video?

Explore in more detail a particular country/culture/religion and its cuisine.  Discuss how the food and cooking practices reflect a particular culture. Prepare a dish from a particular region in the world.  What different ingredients and/or techniques are used?  The following are some video clips and recipe ideas:

Sikh traditions


Indian cookery

Italian food

Chinese food

Throughout the world, food is used to bring people together during special occasions and festivals.  Choose a festival and find out more about it.  Pupils could present their findings as a project.  They could cook a particular dish associated with their chosen festival and as a class/year group, re-enact some aspects of the festival. The following links maybe helpful:

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