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KS3 You are what you eat

Employability Unit : The World of Work


This unit looks at Employability in the catering industry. Exploring the qualifications and experience needed to be a chef. The diversity of the local food industry is explored and a local food business is featured.

Learning Intentions


Key Concept - Career Management
Investigate a variety of both familiar and unfamiliar jobs.
Make use of appropriate information, advice and guidance to inform career management.


Key Concept – Work in the Local and Global Economy
Investigate the local impact of the global market.


Key Concept – Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
Explore the range of small businesses in the life of the community and consider possible implications for career planning.



Links with
Home Economics:

Key Concept – Healthy Eating
Investigate the impact of storage, preparation and cooking on food. (through online course on Masterchef web page)

Pupils are learning:

  • About the work of a chef and the necessary steps to work in the catering industry.
  • To be aware of their personal strengths, limitations and interests. (Self-Management)
  • To explore the reasons for and benefits of workers who have come from other European states and beyond.
  • To consider the importance of small businesses in the Northern Ireland economy.

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