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KS3 You are what you eat

Local and Global Citizenship Unit - The cost of our food


This unit looks at the cost of our food from environmental and ethical viewpoints.  The origin of some foods is investigated and the welfare of battery chickens is explored.  Issues relating to the sourcing of the foods found in our local supermarkets are explored: food miles, fair trade, GM and organic foods.

Learning Intentions


Local and Global Citizenship

Key Concept – Human Rights and Social Responsibility
Investigate the principles of social responsibility and the role of individuals, society and government in promoting these.


Key Concept – Democracy and Active Participation
Investigate an issue from a range of viewpoints and suggest actions that might be taken to improve or resolve the situation.

Links with Geography

Explore how we can exercise environmental stewardship and help promote a better quality of life for present and future generations, both locally and globally.



Links with Science

Explore some ethical dilemmas arising from scientific developments


Explore issues relating to Citizenship

Pupils are learning:

  • To consider the source of their food.
  • About animal welfare.
  • To view an issue from a range of viewpoints.(Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making)
  • Concepts such as food miles, GM foods, fair trade and organic foods.
  • To select and evaluate information for a purpose. (Managing Information)

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