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KS2 Water

Unit 1 - What is Water?

Where does water come from and where does It go to?

There is the same amount of water in the world now as when the word was first formed.  It doesn’t stay in the same state for long, it is constantly changing.  Look at the clip below to find out about the water cycle.

Write the following words or phrases on separate pieces of paper:

Evaporation; Condensation; Cooling; Clouds; Rain/Snow/Hail; Rivers; Sea; Sun; Convection

Now fold up the pieces of paper and mix them all up.  Give the pieces of paper to your partner and ask them to put them in the order in which they happen in the water cycle.  Time your partner to see how quickly they come up with the right order.  Check their answer with the video clips to see if they are correct.

Do you need to add any other words or phrases to explain the water cycle?

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