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KS2 Water

Unit 1 - What is Water?


Try to think of as many words as possible to describe water. 

Did you say words like ‘wet’ or ‘liquid’?  Can you think of times when water isn’t like this?  What happens when you put water in the kettle? What happens when you put water in the freezer?   How can water change so much?  Why do these changes happen?

Play the following activity to find out why these changes take place:

Watch the following clip to find out what happens to the water to make it change shape.

What do you think happens to the particles in water when it is frozen into ice?

Think of examples in your home where you change the state of water.

Draw a diagram to show what happens when you heat, cool and freeze water.  On your diagram show the temperature at which the water changes state.  Your diagram should also explain the terms ‘evaporation’ and ‘condensation’.

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