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KS2 Water

Unit 5: A River’s Story

Picturing a River’s Journey

Watch the clips below about a section of the river that you have not looked at before.  Make notes of any of the features that you might see at this stage of the river.   You can also use other groups’ notes, reports and poems about this part of the river to find out more.

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Discuss in your group the sorts of things you would see at this stage of the river. 

In your group, create a display about this section of the river.  You can draw, or stick on images or textiles that describe the sort of things you might see at this stage of the river’s journey.  You should include information about the how the river looks at this point, is it fast-flowing and narrow, or broad and slow, does it meander?  Include information about the sort of wildlife and landscape that you would see at this stage.  What sort of activities might you see around the river (e.g. fishing, sailing)?  You may wish to include photographs of rivers in your local area.

Show your group’s display to the rest of the class and explain why you chose particular images or drawings to illustrate this stage of the river’s journey.

Photograph your display using a digital camera and save on your computer.  Make sure you capture any details you think are particularly important.


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