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KS2 Water

Unit 5: A River’s Story

A River’s Journey

The journey of a river can be divided into three sections: upper, middle and lower.  Choose one of the sections to research. Look at the clips below for the section of the river you have chosen and make a note of any words that you do not understand.

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Upper Course

Middle Course

Lower Course

In class discuss the words that you did not understand and use a dictionary to find out what they mean.  Display these words on the board.

Do you know of any local places where you can see an example of a river at this stage in its journey?

Your group must create a report to describe the section of the river you have just researched to the rest of your class.  Think about the sort of features you see in that part of the river.  Use as many describing words as possible to talk about the speed of the water, the sounds you might hear or what you might see.  Agree the script for your report and present it to the rest of the class.  Give time for you class mates to ask any questions about your report.  Record the report and save the audio file to your computer.


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