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KS2 Water

Unit 2 - Who Needs Water?


This section investigates how our bodies and our environment depend on water to function properly.  It looks at regions of the world where there is very little water, and the effect on people and animals that live there.  Finally children should investigate ways to avoid wasting water.

Suggested Learning Intentions

  • Learn about the importance of drinking water for staying healthy [PDMU: Personal Understanding & Health
  • Recognise inequality in the world regarding access to water  [PDMU: Mutual Understanding]
  • Plants & Plant growth [Science & Technology: Interdependence]
  • How some animals have adapted to survive in the desert [Science & Technology: Interdependence]
  • The effects of a lack of basic resources [Geography - Place]
  • The effect of extreme weather conditions [Geography - Movement & Energy]

Children will

  • Conduct a survey.
  • Represent results of survey in an appropriate diagrammatic or pictorial form.
  • Interpret and draw conclusions from mathematical data.
  • Create a persuasive poster to promote drinking more water.
  • Conduct an experiment to see the effects of too little water on growing plants.
  • Hypothesise the effects of not giving a group of plants enough water.
  • Draw conclusions from measurements and observations taken during the experiment
  • Learn about the features of deserts.
  • Use their imagination to ‘create’ an animal that is especially suited to life in the desert.
  • Select, compare and evaluate information.

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