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KS2 Water

Unit 2 - Who Needs Water?


A drought is a period of very dry weather.  In some parts of the world, droughts can last for years.  This causes a lot of problems for the people, plants and animals that live in those regions.  What sort of problems do you think droughts might cause?

Divide a large sheet of paper into three.  At the top of each section write ‘Causes’, ‘Effects’ and ‘Other Factors’.  Read the following news items and discuss them in your group.  Fill in each section of the poster.  Under the ‘Other Factors’ title you should list any other things that may be making the drought crisis worse or better, for example: poverty, disease, war. 

In poor countries, the effects of drought can be devastating, and can result in death and disease.  Why do you think the effects of drought can be much worse in a poorer country?

Read the following articles and then talk about the ways in which people can survive through drought.

Research, using the Internet, organisations that help areas affected by drought.  Find out if there is anything we can do to help areas suffering from drought. 

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