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KS2 Water

Unit 4: Our Loughs and Rivers


The loughs and rivers in Northern Ireland are very important.  They are home to many types of animals.  Many people’s jobs depend on our rivers and lakes.  In this section you’ll find out more about two of Northern Ireland’s biggest loughs and the animals and industries that depend on them.

Suggested Learning Intentions

  • The main stages in the lifecycle of some living things (Science & Technology: Interdependence)
  • The Relationship  between animals and plants in a habitat (Science & Technology: Interdependence)
  • Local Habitats (Geography: Interdependence)
  • Some of the ways people affect conserve the environment  (Geography: Interdependence)
  • How animal or plant behaviour is influenced by seasonal change (Science & Technology: Change Over Time)
  • Using a range of media; understanding of visual elements (Art)

Pupils will:

  • Know about the wildlife and industries based around Strangford Lough and Lough Neagh.
  • Be aware of the many things that depend on the Lough.
  • Use a range of materials to create a collage about life and activity around the Lough.
  • Learn about migration patterns of Brent geese, eels and salmon.
  • Prepare a presentation with a clear sense of audience and purpose.
  • Know about the causes and effects of pollution in our Loughs and rivers.
  • Learn to think about the short, medium and long-term consequences of pollution.

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