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KS2 Water

Overview of the Water thematic unit

Water shapes our lives, our environment and our society.  All living things need water, it is essential for survival.  However, while many people locally waste this precious resource, other places in the world receive very little water.

In this thematic unit, children will develop an understanding of the importance of water in our lives and an appreciation of how it affects different societies and economies.

They will also develop an appreciation of the rivers and loughs in Northern Ireland and begin to understand how these important resources can be used by industry.  Children will also investigate how our rivers and loughs are under threat from pollution and exploitation.

This thematic unit focuses on the World Around Us learning area and supports the curriculum for Key Stage 2.  However, many of the activities involve work across the curriculum, including Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Numeracy and Personal Development and Mutual Understanding.  There are also many opportunities to develop children’s Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.

At a Glance

Water is a KS2 thematic unit that brings together a range of resources from the BBC archive and from around the web. This thematic unit sets out a range of suggested learning activites and teaching resources based around the following subjects:


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