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Mediascapes can be used to create cross-curricular collaborative activities. The technology allows pupils to create an interactive physical narrative around their own audio and visual content.

Watch teachers from Termoncannice Primary School discuss their recent mediascapes projects.

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Key points from the video

  • Mediascape is a platform for pupils' content.
  • It has the potential to bring a story to life.
  • Can be used for different cross-curricular themes.
  • Encourages active learning.
  • The pupils  take control of their own learning; creating their own audio and visual content.
  • Exploits different learning styles; kinaesthetic, visual and audio.
  • Encourages team work, with pupils of different abilities working together.
  • Equipment required: PC, Microphone,  camera, PDA or phone with GPS capability.


  • Mediascape - The mediascape software allows users to embed audio and video into the physical environment. The user then can explore that environment with a GPS-enabled mobile device and the content relating to the user's position is triggered and played.
  • GPS - Global positioning system and is used for navigation
  • PDA- Personal Digital Assistant -a hand-held computer

Find out more

  • Create-a-scape - guide to making your own mediascape [external link]
  • Create-a-scape: Teacher's area [external link]
  • Mscapers - download the software and download other peoples mediascapes [external link]

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