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KS2 On the Move

Unit 5. Water, Light, Sound &amp Energy

How do forces affect how we move?

Encourage the pupils to discuss how objects move. Split the class into small groups. Give each group some toy cars and ask them how to make them move faster, slower or change direction. Then give each group a different surface i.e. sandpaper, mirror, carpet etc and ask them to repeat the test. Discuss the findings then watch the following clips:

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Try this online activity:

  • KS2 Bitesize - Physical processes : Forces in Action [Flash Activity]
  • KS2 Bitesize - Physical processes : Friction [Flash Activity]

Now try these practical hands-on activities in the classroom. Before you start, describe the activity and ask the children what they expect to happen. At the end of each activity ask them were they surprised with the results and how do they think it worked


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