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KS2 On the Move

Unit 4. How do we travel, now and in the past?


Introduction to this unit

This unit looks at how we travel and explores how transport has changed over the years. Pupils will be encouraged to compare how we travel and transport goods now and in the past, and look at the reasons for these changes. The effects of changes such as congestion and pollution will be explored and pupils will be encouraged to develop solutions to these problems.

Learning Intentions

Pupils are learning:

  • Some of the ways people affect/conserve the environment both locally and globally. (Geography- Interdependence)
  • How we might act on a local or global issue.  (Geography- Interdependence)
  • Comparisons between people and places in terms of transport. (Geography- Place)
  • Occupations and measures to ensure the safe movement of people and goods on roads etc. (Geography - Movement & Energy)
  • The range of transport used to move people from one place to another. (Geography - Movement & Energy)
  • Travelling to school at different times of the year and in different types of weather.   (Geography- Change over time)
  • How change can create conflict through the exploration of a local issue, such as traffic congestion. (Geography-Change over time)
  • Changes in technology over time and the impact of inventors and inventions. (History - Interdependence)
  • Places then and now and how our way of life has been shaped by influences form the local and wider world. (History - Place)
  • Comparing an aspect of the community over a long period of time, for example, transport (History - Change over Time)
  • Challenges and opportunities posed by new technology in transport. (Science & Technology- Interdependence)
  • How knowledge in science supports technology inventions. (Science & Technology- movement & Energy)


  • Weigh up the pros and cons of a variety of methods of transport (Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making).
  • Thinking about the causes and effects of climate change.
  • Understanding how transport has changed over the years; both in terms of better technology and how society has dealt with more traffic on the roads.
  • Understanding how to stay safe when travelling.
  • Becoming  aware of areas and structures in their local community that were used for transport in the past, such as canals.
  • Analysing local traffic by carrying out a survey (Using Mathematics).

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