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KS2 On the Move

Unit 3. What makes people travel?


This unit looks at the reasons why we travel. Pupils are encouraged to think about journeys they have made and then compare them to journeys people have made in the past. This unit looks at the movement of large groups of people to and from Northern Ireland. In particular the Vikings arrival in Ireland, the emigration of people during the Famine and contemporary  immigration to Northern Ireland. Pupils will be encouraged to examine the causes and effects of the movement of these groups of people.

Learning Intentions

Pupils are learning:

  • How we are interdependent with other parts of Europe.  (Geography- Interdependence)
  • How we might act on a local or global issue. (Geography- Interdependence)
  • Comparisons between people and places. (Geography-Place)
  • The effects of a lack of basic resources on a place and on people’s lives (Geography- Place)
  • How change can create conflict through the exploration of a local issue. (Geography-Change Over time)
  • The consequences of change through investigating global issues. (Geography-Change Over time)
  • Reason for and effects of historical events, for example, the Great Famine, invasions. (History- Independence)
  • Places then and now and how our identity, way of life and culture has been shaped by influences from the local and wider world. (History - Place)
  • Movement of people in the past, for example: Vikings and Irish emigrants.  (History - Movement & Energy)
  • The impact of raiders and settlers in Ireland and elsewhere. How modes of transport have influenced settlements. (History - Movement & Energy)
  • Voyages of exploration in the past, present and future.  (history - Movement & Energy)
  • Some of the characteristics of past societies and distinctive features of life in the past.  (History - Change over Time

Pupils should be enabled to explore:

  • Human rights and social responsibility. (PDMU - Mutual Understanding in the  Local and Wider Community)
  • Causes of conflict and appropriate responses. (PDMU - Mutual Understanding in the  Local and Wider Community)
  • Valuing and celebrating cultural difference and diversity. (PDMU - Mutual Understanding in the  Local and Wider Community)


  • Exploring some of the reasons for travelling for both short and long distances.
  • Comparing the movement of groups of people to and from Northern Ireland now and in the past
  • Investigating historical events in the past – and how they affect who and how we are today.
  • Finding out about events that occurred in the past, using a range of information sources (Managing Information).
  • Becoming aware of the challenges facing people when they move to a new environment.

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