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KS2 On the Move

Unit 1: What makes animals move?

Why do Eels migrate?

Use the following range of resources to investigate the reasons for the migration of eels.  Discuss the eels' migratory journey, how long is the journey, why do they travel so far, how do they know where to go, how to they know when to leave? Ask the children to draw the migratory route of the eels on a world map. Ask them to listen to the audio clips and watch the news stories then draw a picture of how an eel looks at different stages of its life, for example, glass eel - yellow eel - and silver eel; these drawings could be matched to the appropriate location on the map showing where the animal is at that stage of its life.

Discuss with the pupils possible reasons for these changes in appearance (main reason is camouflage).  Watch the News stories, discuss with the children possible reasons for the need to introduce eels into the rivers. Ask the pupils to list the reasons why it is important to maintain eel levels in the rivers. Then ask the pupils to draw a food chain featuring the eel.

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