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KS2 On the Move

Overview of the On The Move Thematic Unit

This thematic unit looks at movement and journeys from a cross-curricular perspective.  It is mainly based in the subject area of The World Around Us exploring all the strands of history, geography and Science and Technology.  There are also opportunities to explore aspects of Personal Development and Mutual Understanding.

In The World Around Us pupils are encouraged to explore the concepts of Interdependence, Place, Movement and Energy and Change Over Time.  This thematic unit most obviously addresses Movement and Energy but the other aspects also feature as well.

The Key Questions in this unit ask:

  • What makes animals move?
    … focusing on animal migration and in particular those animals who migrate to and from Northern Ireland.
  • How do we move?
    … focusing on the biology of human movement – muscles and bones working together.
  • What makes people travel?
    … taking a look at large scale movements of people now and in the past – invaders, those who left Ireland during the famine and new arrivals in Northern Ireland today.  This section links with Personal Development and Mutual Understanding.
  • How do we travel, now and in the past?
    … looks at different methods of transport and how they have changed over time.
  • How do water, light and energy travel? How do forces affect movement? What is ‘green energy?
    … looks at the physics behind movement and at the rules for how light and sound travel.

Consolidating the Learning in this unit

This thematic unit draws on a huge amount of material as the subject of movement touches on almost every aspect of the World Around Us.  Schools may choose to organise a visit either to introduce this topic or as the culmination of pupil work.  Suggestions include Castle Espie, The Transport museum at Cultra, W5.  Alternatively, a visiting facilitator could organise activities at school.  This can be arranged with Action Renewables, Sentinus or the Road Safety section of DOE.  Other big activities include setting up a wildlife garden to feed birds and insects including migrating birds; carrying out a traffic survey and becoming an eco-school.  Links and further information about these are found within the relevant sections of this ICL.

At a Glance

One the Move is a KS3 thematic unit that brings together a range of resources from the BBC archive and from around the web. This thematic unit sets out a range of suggested learning activites and teaching resources based around the following subjects:


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