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KS2 Linen

Unit 2 - Uses of Linen

Ancient Egypt

People have been making and using linen for thousands of years.  Linen clothing appears in many illustrations from the time of ancient Egypt. Watch the following video clip and ask pupils to make a list of the different ways linen was used in Egypt.

Primary Focus: The Textile Industry: Mummies

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Pupils can use the search function in the Explore section of the British Museum website to find a variety of ancient objects made of linen. Encourage pupils to research how and why these were used by different members of Egyptian society for example men, women, slaves, rich people.

  • British Museum: Explore [external link: article]

Find out more about the uses of linen by visiting  the Irish Linen Centre and Lisburn Museum [external link: article]. The Saneco site [external link: article] also describes the history of linen. Ask pupils to use the site to list the characteristics/properties of linen and explain why these properties were so important.


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