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KS2 Linen

Unit 1 - How is linen made?


This unit looks at how linen is produced from flax, a plant that was once widely grown in Northern Ireland. The pupils will be encouraged to grow their own linen, recognise the different stages of the plant's lifecycle and understand the properties that make it suitable for fabric production. The production of linen fabric is examined and compared to that of lycra.

Learning Intentions

Pupils are learning:

  • The main stages in the lifecycle of some living things (Science and technology: Interpendence)
  • Plants and plant growth (Science and technology: Interpendence)
  • Why materials are chosen for their use (Science and technology: Place)
  • How some materials change (Science and technology: Change over time)
  • Changes that occur to everyday substances (Science and technology: Change over time)


  • Knowing that linen is made from flax
  • Investigating how to grow flax and the key points in the plant's lifecycle
  • Understanding the process for turning flax into linen
  • Understanding how this process has changed over time
  • Compare the production of lycra with linen.

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