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KS2 Linen

Unit 1 - How is linen made?

How is linen made from flax?

Watch the following video clips that show the processes used to produce linen today and in the past.

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Split pupils into groups. Give each group a flip chart sheet or a large piece of paper  with a different question related to the process of linen production? The following are suggestions:

  • What methods were used to harvest flax in the past?
  • What methods are used to harvest flax nowadays?
  • What is the process of pulling so important when harvesting flax?
  • How is water used in the production process?
  • What are the main stages in the production of linen from flax?
  • What kinds of machinery are used to produce linen?

Pupils write down their answers and after a given time period the group changes places and move onto the next question. Each group writes their answer with a different coloured pen. Display the sheets and discuss the contributions.

Pupils can demonstrate what they have learned about flax by creating an illustration about flax and/or linen which could be printed on a linen tea towel.


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