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KS2 Linen

Overview of the Linen Thematic Unit

This thematic unit looks at all aspects of linen production from a cross-curricular perspective. Linen production is a central part of Northern Ireland's industrial heritage and evidence of the industry can be found in most towns and villages giving the topic a local relevance. There is a strong emphasis on the World Around Us (WAU) in this thematic unit, with elements of Personal development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU).

Unit 1 focuses on Science and Technology and explores how linen is made. This section examines the flax plant's lifecycle and the properties which make it suitable for being woven into Linen.

Unit 2 explores the uses of linen now and in the past reflecting different aspects of the World Around Us curriculum. The characteristics of linen are explored and related to the fabric's uses.

Unit 3 looks at the effect that the linen industry has had on the people and places in Northern Ireland reflecting different aspects of the History strand of the WAU. Pupils are encouraged to look for evidence of the linen industry in their local area through buildings and place names.

Unit 4 reflects different aspects of the WAU and PDMU curricula and looks at the working conditions in the Victorian Linen mills and compares them to current conditions in sweat shops in developing countries.

Unit 5 compares the characteristics of natural and manmade fabrics. Students are encouraged to examine the fabric their clothes are made from and make connections between the properties of the fabrics and their uses.

At a Glance

Linen is a KS2 thematic unit that brings together a range of resources from the BBC archive and from around the web. This thematic unit sets out a range of suggested learning activites and teaching resources based around the following subjects:


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