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KS3 Ethical Fashion

History - The Linen Industry in NI

What were the working conditions in the linen mills?

In the nineteenth century, production of linen moved from people’s homes to large linen mills, where much more material could be produced.  Pupils can investigate the working conditions by playing the following video and audio clips:

BBC Primary Focus: The Textile Industry: Herdman's mill, Sion Mills

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In groups, ask the pupils to come up with a list of words that would describe the conditions in the linen mills.  Why did people not complain about the conditions? Why did children have to work in the mills?

Each group should create a podcast or role-play, where they imagine an investigative reporter conducting research into conditions in the linen mills.  Each report must describe the conditions they see and contain interviews with a number of mill workers, supervisors and mill owners.  Pupils should discuss and write their scripts together and leave time to rehearse before recording or performing.


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