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KS3 Ethical Fashion

Art & Design - New clothes from old

Can I create something unique by customising?

The brief for this part of the unit is that each pupil must take a piece of clothing and customise in order to create a unique design – either an item of clothing, an accessory or a piece of jewellery.  Pupils can use any of the methods the class explored earlier and can use a number of pieces of clothing in their design.  You may wish to further refine this brief, by setting a theme for the designs. This may be ‘green’ or ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ or the theme may be inspired by their research, for example, ‘punk’, ‘deconstruction’ or the wartime call to ‘make do and mend’.  They should aim to create as innovative a design as possible, so that the finished piece is very different to the source material.

In preparation for this part of the unit, ask pupils to make a collection of old unwanted clothes from home.  They could ask friends and neighbours to help them with this collection. 

Each pupil can pick two pieces of clothing from the class collection.  This will form the main part of the piece of clothing which they are going to customise.  The rest of the clothes collected can be used throughout the project by pupils if they need more materials, buttons or zips.  Make sure that pupils don’t hoard pieces of clothing!  Also make available any customisation materials they may need – magic web, dyes, glue, fabric paints and transfers.

Ask pupils to make some notes and a sketch of what they are going to create and what methods they are going to use.  Take a photograph of the pieces of clothing before the work begins.  These ‘before’ notes and photos will be used in the final fashion show.

Throughout the process, allow pupils the opportunity to talk to others in the class to discuss the different methods they are using to create their piece of clothing. 

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