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Connected Learning

Connected learning enables pupils to make connections across the curriculum. Teaching around a theme allows pupils to see the relevance of their learning experience and helps them to relate knowledge gained in different learning areas.

Watch Ann McErlane from Mount St Michael's Primary School discuss the merits of connected learning and demonstrate how these are translated through into the classroom.

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Key points from the video

  • There is more emphasis on activities and a greater breadth of subject material in a thematic unit as compared to a topic.
  • Look at the content of what you're teaching and make meaningful connections between the content.
  • Important to devise activities that help develop thinking skills and personal capabilities.
  • Teacher directed, inquiry based learning; planned with the children.
  • The teacher facilitates learning, which is a  more motivating role.
  • Connected learning helps children to be more engaged, gives them ownership over their learning.
  • Encourages creative thinking and problem solving skills.


  • ICL - Ideas for connected learning
  • Thematic Unit - A unit of structured learning tasks that can be taught over a period of six weeks.

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