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Assessment for Learning focuses on the learning process and is conducted during daily classroom practice. This approach allows pupils to work with teachers to identify learning objectives and enables feedback to improve the learning.

Watch Corinne Hannah from Glenwood Primary School using Assessment For Learning techniques during lessons to enhance the pupils learning.

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Key points from the video

  • Share learning intentions with pupils.
  • Share and negotiate success criteria with pupils.
  • Creating opportunities for effective questioning.
  • Creating opportunities for feedback from pupils.
  • Creating opportunities for peer and self assessment.
  • AFL help children focus on their learning.
  • AFL helps the teacher to understand pupil's progress in learning.
  • AFL encourages those pupils who are less confident to contribute to the class.


  • Formative assessment - assessment that takes place during the learning process
  • Summative assessment - assessment that takes place after the learning process
  • Traffic lights - (AFL technique) Pupils use the colours of the traffic lights to indicate their understanding - red for don't understand, yellow - I need more help, green I've got it
  • Two stars and a wish - (AFL technique) The teacher feeds back to the pupil two things that are successful, and one wish of an improvement

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