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Days Like this

Marie Matthews

Marie remembers a dance in 1960.

Marie Matthews

"We were so innocent and naive."

The Story

Marie invites us back to the early 1960's. On this night she set out for the dance, unaware that a tall handsome stranger would be walking her home...

In the short video below Marie talks of why she wanted to record her own Days Like This...

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The story continues...

Marie has contributed another story to the Days Like This series. Listen to Marie's second story. Throughout Marie's life her aunt Gertie (from the second story) has been a huge influence. Browse the photo gallery on the right to see pictures of Gertie.


Name: Steven
Date: 6 October 2007
Comment: In all the "days like this" stories i've listened to this is the one that has stuck in my mind. thank you - Marie

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Marie in her late '20s
Marie in her late '20s
Marie in the BBC Radio Ulster studio making her recording for Days Like This
Marie's mother & father, Frances Cecilia & Michael. Her mother was educated in France and was a very fine musician but gave up music after she married.
Marie in the 1960s at a dress dance in Woodburn House Hotel Belfast.
Bernadette Babs and Gertie, Summer 1928
July 1927
Gertie (Marie's Aunt from the story)
Gertie on the right
Gertie, Christmas 1926
Gertie, far right