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Days Like this

Rosemary McGowan

August 1996

Rosemary McGowan

"Mummy there's a man outside who wants to talk to you"

The Story

Rosemary was due to move house next month and she was busily preoccupied with the many chores that have to be done prior to house-moving. Her son Matthew, who'd been playing outside, came in and said "Mummy there's a man outside who wants to talk to you".

It turned out to be a very special visitor indeed. This was a day Rosemary would remember.


Name: Nigel Porter
Date: 5 August 2008
Comment: Great story rosemary its a funny old world unreal sometimes.

Denis Shortall
Date: 6 October 2007
Comment: A simple but touching story of family/generation connections.

Name: Dan Schierman
Date: 10/10/2007
Comment: Hello McGowans!
Very nice story! Thanks Jimmy Bean for e-mailing me the link. Best to our favorite Irish family...
Big Dan

Name: Dan McGowan
Date: 09/10/2007
Comment: Just shows that it is a small world after all. A house isn't just a home, its a place full of memories.

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